Friday, October 06, 2006

Chilling in Brazil

For the last few days since the the completeion of the PKRA Freestyle I have been hanging out in the North East of Brazil in Cumbuco, Paracuru and Flecherias. I have had some awesome conditions with the wind blowing everyday. I have been riding mostly on my 6m Naish Torch 2, but my 8m Naish Boxer and 10m Naish Torch 3 have been out to play a good few times as well.

Its been really cool just riding for myself and I have been working on tricks again. The KGB remains out of my grasp quite literally, but I have been getting closer and i know I will get it one of these days. Also I have landed 2 flat 1's while playing in the waves and the bog standard simple (yet not so simple) aerial handle passes are slowly becoming my friend. I'm pretty rubbish at landing them at the moment, but passing the bar is no longer such a big problem.

I have 6 more days here before heading back to England. I hope to land at least one KGB and I hope to get some footage and photos to put on my website which is currently being constructed by the people at Keep an eye out for because it should be online before the month is out!

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Anderson Silva said...

beautiful pic Jo ... very nice

kises from João Pessoa/Paraíba/Brazil