Thursday, October 12, 2006

Brazil Bliss

So I was supposed to fly back to England today, but after spending three days with a photographer and some time with the Tronolones I finally got together everything i need for Sticky Creations to build my website which will soon be launched at After hitting send on my emails I realised that I had met the Kitesurf (UK) and Kiteworld deadlines getting me a shot in the Kiteworld Calandar as well as being their Rider uncovered and have got a double page spread in Kitesurf. I also got all the material sent to the web designers and all there was left to do for the next few weeks was learn some tricks!!! The next day I went out to ride a Cauipe in Cumbuco and Brunha Kajiya of brazil turned up. She's currently ranked 2nd in the world, but is good enough to be World Champion. I saw her nail kite loop handle pass followed by an S mobe and then a huge blind judge. It was perfect timing because although I'm working on the KGB and blind judge I wasn't giving it my 100% effort despite thinking I was. Seeing Brunha land these gave me the extra motivation needed - perhaps a little too much! I went on the water and relentlessly tried. I touched the bar a few times in my blind judges, but still not passed them. My KGB's are getting closer and my handle passes are being passed more regularly. It was definately not time to go back to England - especially considering winter is almost upon it!!!! For the next while I will be staying out in Brazil and hope to nail some of these new tricks and more!!!! I'll keep you posted with my progress.

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