Monday, August 07, 2006

World Tour - on a roll

I am just writing from Fuerteventura where I just 2nd on the 5th stop of the PKRA World Tour. You cannot believe how happy I am and am now ranked 3rd over all. This is fantastic as my goal was to be ranked in the top 5.

Fuerteventura was by far the windiest event yet and riding in the finals on the first day was for sure the most wind that I have ever ridden in - gusts of up to 45 knots!! I was riding my 6m Naish Torch 2 and tried to picture that really it was a nice 20 knot breeze! Moves I landed were s bends and raileys and back rolls all unhooked, but then I boosted off the kickers to do some big jumps and rotations that the crowd liked the best.

On the last day of competition the wind was much nicer and I was able to bust out kite loops on my 8m and I even did a high aerial handle pass. My first handle pass in competition. Got nailed on the landing - but determination is there to get it next time!!

I'd like to thank Naish and Protest Clothing for giving me the encouragement, support and determination to do so well!

Next stop is in St Peters Ording - Germany! Starts on Friday! No rest for the wicked!!!

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