Monday, August 07, 2006

Progression Advanced DVD Filming

10 days filming in the middle of the desert in Ras Sudr, Egypt and I think we have enough footage to make an the 3rd part of the already awesome series of Progression DVD's by Fatsand.

This DVD is for those who are more advanced in kitesurfing and want to start throwing kite loops hooked in or unhooked as well as unhooked grabs, rotations and handle passes.

The DVD will be made up of three UK riders - myself (2 x British Champion), Neil Hilder and Lewis Crathern (KBBT British Champion).

There will be wide shots as well as the close ups and it will cover the common mistakes made while trying to learn the move and how to put them right!

So if you want to learn down loop s bends, slim chances or F16's plus much much more then keep an eye on Fatsand website -

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