Thursday, June 22, 2006

Barbados - place of dreams

I just got back from barbados last week where I went for a weeks holiday followed by the Protest Clothing photoshoot for their 2007 catalogue and point of sales!

I can't believe how much of an awesome location it is! I've been to a lot of countries, but nothing quite like Barbados. The water is bright bright blue with pure white unpolluted sand!

We had a mixture of torrential downpours and a bit of cloud, but mostly just blazing hot sunshine. The downpours were a refreshing change.

Kitesurfing in Barbados is just something out of this world. When riding out on the reef you look left and right and lines of waves stretch out as far as the eye can see like shiny white tinsle glittering in the sun. Between the waves the water was mirror flat and emerald green. The only way I could describe was like a enormous jacuzzi that had just been switched off sending millions of little champagne like bubbles fizzing on the surface!

The best feeling I have experienced was riding in amongst this with white water from the waves splashing up over your shoulders as a wave breaks behind you and to top this off a big turtle would swim to the surface as if to say hello.

With a week of pure wave riding the time flew by and before we hardly knew it the rest of the Protest team arrived for the photo shoot. If you want to see any of these photos then you'll have to pick up the 2007 Protest Clothing Catalogue or keep an eye out on It will be a sneaky peak at the fantastic knew collection.

For now if you are interested in some accommodation out in barbados my friend rents out his holiday house. It has 2 double rooms and a twin room and the house is fully equipped. It's very nice, right on the beach and a good price. You can find out more if you visit


Cowboy said...

In the morning you know you won't remember a thing!


Cowboy said...

In the morning you know you won't remember a thing.