Thursday, October 01, 2009

Jo Wilson Coaching - Cornish Kitesurfing Exploration 2009

I have just got back from a fantastic week coaching freestyle on a residential course down in Cornwall. We scored great conditions and almost wall-to-wall sunshine and come the end of the week we all tootled back to our homes muscles aching, mind refreshed and happy that we had maximised the hours of the day and time spent on the water.

(The crew)

There were 5 people on the course plus myself and we rented out The Surf Sanctuary in Newquay where we could make ourselves at home and have full use of the house. We scored wind on 5 days out of the 7 but were fully on the case to choose the best location for the day in order to have powered sessions. With the highest of local knowledge from both Mobius Kite school and Dom Moore of The Surf Sanctuary we headed to spots where the wind was working against the tide allowing everyone to get riding in flat water with a few extra knots of wind then anticipated, so we can definitely knock on the head that high pressures mean no wind.

(Ian powered back loops inbound!!)

The guys were working on various tricks from their first back loops to front loops and raileys all the way up to unhooking and surface handle passes. The conditions were absolutely spot on. I generally stood on the waters edge and either filmed the action or called each individual person aside to give them tips or start them onto a new move.

(me calling Ian over to give him a quick tip and to ask him if he actually signed up to the trip in the Phillipenes - his quick 5 minute blast with no wetsuit soon turned into a 4 hour session)

Watching the video footage back was more than valuable and having the ability to use an example of one of the group doing a trick well for others to learn from was way more valuable then using an instructional dvd.

(Alex demonstrating the front hand action on the front rolls)

After these full days of action which sometimes even combined mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding and surfing our bodies were feeling the usuage so on an non-compulsory basis at 7.30am every morning people could roll out of bed to the smells of fresh coffee and fall out the door for an early morning jog down to Fistral beach which is less than 5 minutes away. Here I ran some yoga stretches to prepare us for the onslaught of further action to come.

I couldn't have been happier with the group I had. They were awesome and although a mix of ages, professions and nationalities it was a winning combination where everyone gelled really well. Everyone had the same focus - to get outside, learn to improve their kitesurfing and most of all have fun!

(The crew respecting the rules!!?)

It was not all spent action action action and relaxing in a pub or café at the end of the day gave us time to sit back, relax and reminisce over the stunning conditions and scenery that Cornwall has to offer but also laugh and joke or smugly take on board the crshes and landings of the new moves that day!

(Owen mastering the back loop to one footer landing and big smile)

As a bonus Craig Saywer of joined us for a windy, sunny day in the west of Cornwall plus don’t be surprised if you see a quite concerning Richard Branson and Danni Parkinson remake when you least expect it - afterall Dom Moore the editor of Kitesurf Magazine made the occasional cheeky appearence to spur some mischief on and a lot of fun was had by all. The group left with a dvd containing a selection of photos and all the video footage plus of course a new bag of tricks up their sleeve to either unleash or work on when next out on the water.

(Amy having it mid unhooked railey)

Thanks guys for a great trip and you all worked really hard. Hope everyone has recovered from all the action and especially recovered after the last night blow out. See you soon.

Watch out for my next coaching trip that will be run in Boracay - The Phillipenes between Jan 19th and Jan 25th 2010

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