Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bigbury and Bantham - Autumn Low Pressures!!

After a spell of no wind it seems as though the Autumn low pressures have kicked into the UK. With warm seas and fairly warm air temperatures its still all good to wear a 3mm wetsuit down here on the south coast. In 9 days I kitesurfed 7 of them on mostly on my 6m, but a couple of days on the 10m to. Bigbury and Bantham provide a range of conditions depending on the tide and it has perfect flat water in between little kickers on higher tides and waves when the tide is a bit further out.

(Photo thanks to: Julie Morrish)

I have been mixing up the riding such a lot and generally spending 50% of my time on the twin tip and 50% of the time on my 5’7” Custom Global Naish waveboard. Its my pride and joy because being known as a freestyler its not exactly on the top of Naish’s priorities to send me a waveboard, so when it finally turned up on my doorstep a couple of months ago after longer then 1 year in waiting it really is my most treasured item in my Naish collection.

(Photo thanks to Scot Baston)

Having both wave riding to work on as well as freestyle and living at a beach that lends itself to both conditions I have to be sure to throw in the Van some good snackage to keep me going for the day. I’ll spend an hour or two on the twin tip, come in for my surfboard for an hour then be in dire need of some sustenance. Stocking up on the chocolate muffins for around 30 mins and a hot drink Im ready again and once more the surfboard comes out for another hour before a final session on the twin tip. Its brilliant. I love the kiting so much lately and its a fair day in the UK to be able to say – today I NEED a day off which I found myself saying down at Marazion in Cornwall last week. However, Im sat here 4 days or so later and chomping at the bit for round two of the Autumn low pressures which gladly begins tomorrow.

During this windy time last week I was lucky to meet some photographers on the beach and kindly Julie Morrish of took some pictures in the beautiful Autumn sunshine. It seems like this is the season of photos and via the South Devon forum I was led to the link of Scot Baston. Scots photos were brilliant and tomorrow he is coming to the beach for a westerly strong wind, some sun if we are lucky, swell and RRD riders Neal Gent and Dan Parkinson. Watch this space for some of the great shots and should luck be on our side then perhaps a spot guide to Bigbury in Kiteworld magazine or Kitesurf UK next issue! Fingers crossed!!


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