Monday, August 10, 2009

Home sweet home

Exactly one month to the day I finally arrived home after sleeping in the Bongo with Johara Sykes Davies anywhere from the beach in Germany (where you can find Naish equipment in the supermarkets), the main street of Amsterdam to Sloane Square in London.

Bedraggled, tired and dirty I made it home with 3 loads of washing and a matte of hair otherwise known as dreadlocks.

The trip was a success starting in filming for Adrenaline Sports in Turkey before heading to Germany for the PKRA. We drove through Amsterdam stopping to do Amsterdammy things - shopping - before hitting London for more shopping and a meeting with Adrenaline Sports before Brighton where we tied up some loose ends for the video.

The video is looking ace. It has Ali Barrett riding on top form busting out mega KL3's and Robyn Snuggs clearing sandspits in 35+ knots on a flatwater spot similar to Coche only a few hours less flight away. Johara Sykes Davies is back on form and Ania Grzlinska proves the reason for her owning the title of KPWT world champion. I might make a few appearances and finally think I have turned a good corner after breaking my wrist. All the action will be up and running in just a couple of weeks time and with James Boulding editing it in the Fatsand offices don't miss out!!

Whats next? Well Im back at home for a couple of weeks The plan was to hit China for their first International event, but my flight would be on Monday and with Chinese Embassy dealing with the visas one week is just too short a notice to get away with it. The event looks really exciting and definitely one to hit, but unfortunately for me I just can't make it this time. Hopefully they will invite me back next year and give me a little bit of extra notice to be able to pull it out of the bag!

Jo Wilson Coaching starts back up in time for the Autumn low pressures. I have 3 dates starting with Poole Windfest in September where you can sign up for a short burst session to learn anything from back loops to air handle passes. If you are up for some more intensive coaching there is still a space left for a week in Cornwall where accommodation and coaching is all included in the price of £375 for one week. Its an opportunity not to be missed with video coaching as well as instant tips and pointers at the best beaches in Cornwall. Check out my coaching website for more info.

Between now and then my eyes will be fixed to xc weather and windguru and I will be visiting the best beaches for wind with a massive overwhelming amounts of energy to relearn the powered handle passes and bring out my new 2010 5'7" Naish Global. Flatwater or waves - Im on it!!!

Photos all thanks to Ian Edmondson at Expix

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