Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventures at home

I'm not quite sure what happened to the UK this year, but I have been back home now for a couple of weeks and have been out kiting on my smallest kite most days. I can't believe it is August and we have swell pumping through and 25mph + wind.

I can train harder here down in Devon then I can anywhere else in the world... well that is if i don't forget to take my board to the beach like I did this morning. Major school boy error. I had timed the tide just right at Bantham to have beach, waves and big areas of flat water in between - perfect for freestyle! I rushed to the beach super excited, threw on my wetsuit, tightened my harness and grabbed my 6m and pump out of the car and... wham it hit me. Something major was missing from my boot - not quite sure how i managed it really. Its not as though a kiteboard can miraculously hide itself in a fiat punto! Well a handbrake turn later and an hours worth of driving reduced to 50minutes I was back at the beach ready and raring to go. Fortunately it was still windy, but the tide had pulled right back and I was left with lots of flat water but the only problem it was only about n inch deep.

I had an hour of fun before my wipeouts became more dangerous and so it was time for the waves. To be fair I could have had a second freestyle session this afternoon, but Im busy packing for the next stop on the world tour in Germany. The forecast is even for wind for the first couple of days so thats something!

Pictures courtesy of mamma wilson :-)

Actually the next couple of months are pretty busy. There are 4 more stops left on the tour and all following on in close succesion to each other so I have been finding flights that fit in well. Its really stupid actually because its cheaper to fly to canada and back to the uk then to brazil and back to the uk then flying from the Uk - canada - brazil - Uk. I think I will have to plant some extra trees this week to offset my carbon footprint - having said that it is windier this year so may be i will chop some trees down. Anyway its been a bit of a planning nightmare, but it looks as though I will be off for Germany on Weds for 10 days then a few days at home firmly implant the boyfriends face into my memory and then off to sunnier climes (although possibly not windier) for 3 further months wahoooooooooooo! Canada, Brazil, Chile and back to Brazil again. Anyhow I will be in Brazil for most of October all of November and half of December. I will be running coaching clinics out there which will be based from Sunset Beach Hotel in Cumbuco, but I will also be visiting some other kite schools further down the coast as well. I shall put up more information next month, but if you would like to hear more then you can contact me on

Tomorrow looks set for some more kitesurfing fun and this time the only thing I can forget is my wetsuit as I have left the car fully laiden ready for an early start. At least I can actually kite without a wetsuit but after todays efforts I will be stepping up the brain a gear to double check the kit check before i leave!! Tatta for now x

PS. I have loads of kit for sale at the moment from kites, to boards, to boardbags. Drop me an email if you are interested

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