Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Canary Islands

I have just arrived to the South of Fuerteventura a week early to get some time on the water adjusting to the gusty, strong offshore conditions that this place has to offer. Surprised my self today though because I hit the water expecting it to be full gusty and nasty, but instead it was full gusty and fun. I had my 6m Torch out as the wind is always pretty strong here, but today was a notch less than it can normally be and I busted out several handle passes, some railey to blinds and even passed the bar in a couple of blind judges although the landings weren't quite according to plan. Still I'm happy for today and looking forward for tomorrow.

Its a bit strange being at the event early. There is a world cup kitesurfing speed competition under way to the south of the enormous beach and a slalom windsurfing world cup competition to the north of the beach. The flags are out, the tents erected and a certain bustle on the beach but it doesn't seem quite in full swing yet.

I arrived in the canaries over a week ago to firstly have some time in Lanzarote chilling with the boyfriend but that includes kitesurfing too :-) and then came over to fuerteventura to stay in the north where the wind is lighter and more consistant than down here in the south. We scored a couple of sessions in Lanzarote and stayed in a beautiful guesthouse just out of La Santa where there is a reef break creating a great wave to surf. The guesthouse in on the quiet side of the island so you can avoid the carnage going on in Puerto Del Carmen and Costa Tequise or have an escape back to the quiet side if you do decide to head out for a night out. The guesthouse has 4 rooms, a big friendly guard dog, a lock up garage and delicious restaurants within walking distance. If you would like somewhere to stay then emial me on jo@jowilson.com and I will give you the contact.

Finally I am starting to get to grips with the blind judges. After Tarifa I decided that it wasn't so hard and finally made my first blind judge in my first session on the water in lanzarote. Since then I have been making the pass a couple of times per session and landing some as well. Its not so hard once you drill into yourself that you have to go into it with more speed, try to pass the bar early and as such hold the railey for less time. Hopefully i will land one in the competition here in Sotavento and hopefully the passes will get higher!

Well I have internet again here so shall keep you posted.

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