Monday, April 28, 2008


Last Sunday I flew from the freezing cold temperatures of france to the completely opposing temperatures of venezuala. With the change in temperature came a change in the wind and here in El Yaque on the Venezualan island Margarita the wind has been blowing in at an average of an awesome 20 knots each day.

I’ve been rejuvenated in my kitesurfing after a frustrating year last year and each evening I go to bed super early full of excitement of what the following day has to bring. Each morning I wake around 7am and look out of my awesome patio doors straight upon the ocean to see enough wind for my 10m Naish Torch 2008. After a freshly brewed coffee and a couple of bowls of cornflakes in my self catering apartment at Pousada Yemeya I head straight to the beach and hit the water. It’s the first time in 9 months where I have been able to kite without a wetsuit and I almost had forgotten the freedom of movement it gives you and the ease of getting on the water. No more shoving and pulling a 5mm wetsuit on first. I first hit the water right after arriving in El Yaque from the airport. It was 10m weather late afternoon, so the glow of the sun was immense. My riding instantly improved 10 fold since France and I was landing some sweet railey blinds and air handle passes. The air handle passes were a little low, but I was passing the bar each time, so at least I hadn’t forgotten the technique. Since Sunday I have kited everyday until literally I have to come in off the water from lack of strength. I’m sure I used to be able to kite unhooked for hours on end, but now I have to stop after 2 hours for a couple of hours before going out again. Each day I have improved more and more and now my handle passes actually have some decent height and I still pass 9 out of 10 although a lower percentage have absolute clean landings, but most of them a ride away from even is my bum does get a little bit wet.

My raileys to blind are the best they have ever been. I don’t seem to be able to hit them with enough power and speed to overcome my new excitement. I build up as much speed as possible and just as I’m in the air thinking wow that pretty high I’m already coming back down and thinking oh well lets throw in a blind landing! Trust me, I’ve blagged some mega one’s where I come out from the pass full speed with my kite low thinking how the hell did I just do that! Well I don’t know and don’t care, so long as I’m doing it. Its going to be the first move in my for the competition.

Next up my f16’s and down loops s bends are back. Once again the landings are not 100% but they will be, but my down loops to blind are way more consistent then before. My unhooked 360’s are fast and powered and my surface handle passes from back to toeside, front to toeside and railey to toeside are pretty consistent. I think I shall bosch them out in one tac in my heats if possible to get them out the way. I have tried a handful of downloop s bends to blind, but I ensure my leash is attached to 5th line and so far each attempt has ended in near on spontaneous combustion of myself.

Once I have been out and landed a bunch of the above tricks there are two moves that I am working on. Firstly and mostly the back mobe. I remember being at this stage last year, but that doesn’t matter. I’m here again with freshened motivation. Im so damned close on the back mobe its ridiculous. Sometimes I pass the bar, but always I land near enough in the correct position even if I’m being pulled by my suicide leash. I know that I need to get a little more rotation on the second rotation and I know that I have to pull the bar to my hip with both hands and not just the one. Basically I have to go faster and pull in tight! I can so do it! Unfortunately a cloud has decended on the island and the weekend delivered some pretty gusty winds making kitesurfing more challenging and now the clouds have cleared the wind is blowing 30 knots plus. Early mornings are by far the best time to be on the water as there are usually just two or 3 others and the wind is slightly lighter and the sun less intense.

The competition begins on the 30th but registration is tomorrow. I actually do not care what position I come in, but I just want to ride with balls to the walls and nail my moves with as much speed and aggression as I am while free riding here. Its all about having fun which is something I forgot last year. Today my neck, back, bum and thighs are super tired so I rode for a couple of hours this morning and that is it for the day. Chocolate, movies, ice cream and air con for me J

Thanks to Toby Bromwich for the photos

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