Monday, March 31, 2008

Powerboating and kiting

Well over the windy weekend I have not only become a powerboat extraordinare, but I even got in a little bit of kiting.

It all began on Friday. I headed to my local beach (bantham side this time not bigbury). The sun was shining bright, but it was a crazy squally day. Sporadically a massive cloud would pass through and break up the sunshine bringing with it some strong blustery winds. The squalls certainly had an effect on how the day went and my very good friend Andy Nelpstrop had one of those days where things just don't go according to the grand masterplan. Firstly his lines were in a spaghetti mess when I arrived. He had been taken down by a squall that had hit previous to my arrival, but to my joy he untangled them and came out for another session while I was on the water to. We played for sometime and again another squall hit. It looked as though it would pass by without much bother as the cloud (and rain) was towards the horizon. The wind picked up a little, but we thought that would be it as it was quite far out but then literally bang a further 10 knots came through. Andy was dealing with it on his 10m but i went flying... literally! Firstly I lost my board, then i floated through the air a 1 or 2 metres above the water for about a 5-10metres downwind distance. Once I was deposited back in the water i tried to drag back to my board, but there was no chance. It was the closest I have been to losing my board ever. Anyhow like an angel from above andy found it and battled to get it back to me just in time for the squall to subside and the wind to return back to its 20-25knots and the sun to beat back down on us.

We rode for another half an hour or more playing in the head high waves and heading out back so we could catch the waves as they were forming. Next thing yet another big cloud heads our way and having learned my lesson from before I tried to make it back to the beach catching a wave on my way. As it turns out it was more haphazardly as opposed to smooth and stylish, but then disaster 2 of the day happens for andy. He's bottom turning into a good size wave and then bang, trips his edge and head butts his bar splitting his nose open. He comes into the beach not far behind me blood streaming down his nose, over his mouth, teeth, chin, front, the works!!! Ming. I hand him a towel (no i don't want it back) and we pack him up so he can drive home and not return out of the house that day... all swimmingly? No chance! Next andy is fully clothed and ready to hit home when his van door decides to jam open and stay there. 4 men later and 10 further blood pouring minutes Andy finally sets off on his merry way. Firstly I just wanted to thank Andy for bringing back my board - it might not have been his best day, but you saved mine. Secondly - I hope that you did make it home safely after all that and didn't venture out until that day was over and thirdly - CONGRATULATIONS to you a wiz! Woop woop your getting married!!!

(this is not andy and wiz yet)

I did get one further kite session this weekend at Exmouth. There were a few out including a youngster called Sam Moore on an the new North Evo. The wind was blowing old boots and we were all on our smallest kites clinging on for dear life and out of no where the Sam pops this huge kiteloop heading into megaloop status and gets wanged through the air. He had so much power he didn't land it smooth, but it fully counted as i dont think even Aaron Hadlow would have landed it clean!!

The point of my weekend was not for kiting unfortunately otherwise I might have had some more time on the water, but instead on was on the water for another reason. This weekend I completed a powerboat course to enable me to rescue anyone who might need it should a boat be to hand with keys, killcord, oil and fuel! :-)

The course was two days long and razzing around causing carnage was great as we learned to turn the boat at high speeds, but it was not all fun and games. Of course we had to learn about moarings, parking, rescuing, tides, navigation etc etc. The course and mission is now accomplished although i think it would be good for me to have at least a little bit more practise before joining the RNLI!

Next for me I will be completing my Instructors course at Edge Watersports and then I will be a fully qualified BKSA Coach... not instructor, but coach, so please keep your eye out for clinics if you are wanting to advance your level! I will be your woman!!!

In a week I will be back on Tour starting with round two of the PKRA in Leucate, France!

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