Saturday, February 09, 2008

Strange turn of events

3 months ago I applied for a television series. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but in a nutshell I knew that the television company were looking for 12 sporty and competitive women to take out of their environment and place in a totally male dominated work place.

The twelve women were to be split into 4 groups of 3 and each group are to be set four separate challenges where they have to emulate the lifestyle of the men they work with. There will be one programme, one hour long per challenge on prime time television – channel 4.

I went through a series of stages from written to telephone to filming and then I didn't hear anymore for two months, so I figured I didn't make the final cut. Well 10 days ago I found out that I made the last few and they were sending off my application to Channel 4. 5 days ago I found I I got a place. I couldn’t believe it. I think I managed to stay cool while on the phone, but as soon as that went down I went mental like some kind of energy bomb that had detonated. Well I have calmed down a little now

Even though I have a part in the documentary I still have very little clue what is involved. I know that it will somehow be related to kitesurfing in that it will probably be water based. I know that it is in Australia and I know that I am being sent on a sea survival course this week before heading off to Australia in a week or so time, so as you can see its all a bit crazy.

I fly back to the UK tomorrow (Monday 11th) and have had to cut short my training mission out here in South Africa by 6 weeks.

Finally, I was asked to leave a quick message for the Haggerstown Bomber, chopping up the water. If you are kiting in Ireland any time soon will you pop in to Cora’s for a coffee?

Happy kiting x

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