Friday, November 09, 2007

Kites For Sale

It's slow incoming but we know its on its way! The windy season!!! If anyone needs a new kite a have a few for sale.

1 x 16 Naish Torch 3 complete with brand new bar and lines! Its in mint condition as I'm only small and hardly ever have to use it! Its £499

1 x 10m Naish Torch 3 complete with bar and lines. Its had some use, but has no rips or tears and is in good condition. Its £399

1 x 8m Naish Torch 3 complete with bar and lines. It has a few tears that have all been professionally repaired. I'd like to say its in good condition anyway because they were tears that were got on its 1 week out the bag. It comes complete with bar and lines as well and is £325

1 x 6m Naish Torch 3 complete with bar and lines. This kite is amazing. Its not super fast like many small kites, but it is good for wave riding. You can still learn tricks on this kite even though its small!!!

and finally I have a the 128 Naish Thorn 2006. This board is the best board I have ridden in a very long time or possibly even ever. Its got loads of pop and great for all conditions! I loved it and now miss it!

If anyone is interested then please mail me on

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