Thursday, September 06, 2007

Off to Peru

So for the last couple of weeks I have been evaluating what stage I am at with the competitions and have made the decision to take a slight change of direction for these next couple of months.

I have missed the German round of the PKRA and made the very tough decision to not visit my favourite place in the world this year for the 8th round of the PKRA in Brazil and instead am embarking on a new adventure with my Protest Boardwear team mate Christiaan Brouwer and International Kitesurfing magazine Kiteworld. On September 18th Kiteworld's photographer Will Milne plus Chris and I will set off on our merry way from London Heathrow in the vague direction of Peru's capital city Lima. I say vague because we head far to far north before heading south again and some 20 hours later we will rock up in Lima at 4am ready to somehow embark on the 1000km journey to Mancora right up in the north of the country.

Peru is South Americas 3rd largest country at around 1,300,000 sq km's. There are 3 main parts - The Andes, The Amazon and The Coastline. Obviously first up will be a part of Peru's 2,400km's of coastline. It is well known for its incredible surf and up in Mancora the waves vary from grinding barrells to mellow point breaks & beach breaks ideal for both surfing & kite surfing. Fortunately for me they cater for all levels of wave riders especially because my main focus is freestyle, but I have my Naish 5"5' wave board at hand and am ready to mix it up somewhat!

Peru is definitely a new adventure for kitesurfers interested in developing their wave riding and to find out more you can check out the website of a locally run kitesurfing centre They have a short video clip of exactly what you can expect from such an amazing kitesurfing destination but I am going to bring you everything you need to know and more from photos to video clips to travel stories in the coming weeks.

If you are keen to make it out to Peru in the next few weeks you can also contact They have helped me with many hurdles of the pre-planning and will guide us on our adventure when we arrive as well!
They will certainly do the same for you. I'm not sure how the internet is out there, but I will try to keep you updated with the action from the trip whether it be smashing the hell out of some waves or encouraging sloths to move faster in the amazon rainforests. I will be in South America for one month before heading home again to lovely Devon.

3 points to note -
That wave that is in the same picture as me - nothing to do with me!!! I was running like hell!
Pictures 1 and 3 are from
Picture 2 by Petra Goeschl in South Africa

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