Friday, July 06, 2007

Super hectic competition time

So I haven't updated my site for a little while and I wanted to apologise to anyone that might be keeping an eye on what I am up to. Over the past 3 weeks things have been super hectic with firstly a tour stop in Dominican Republic and another in Spain, Tarifa. I got knocked out at 7th place in Dom rep which isn't my best but I rode a couple of really good heats and a couple of really bad ones. What can you say - you win some you lose some! Currently we are mid way through the contest in Tarifa and the wind is blowing some 60 knots - needless to say the competition is currently in postponement. I am out of the singles already being knocked out by Bruna Kajyia (Best), but I am not happy with that result considering they told me my heat was more technical and varied. They put her through as first as they said she is more powered - what a role reversal!!!!! Right now I have no pictures and if anyone knows where I can get some of me then I would be really grateful... particularly James! I cant find the link you told me about. Please could anyone contact me ( if you have something or know of a link so i can get them onto my site. I would be really grateful. For now I am really exhausted and looking forward to the next two weeks where there are no competitions and I promise I will get a decent write up onto my site. Sorry again

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