Monday, January 15, 2007

The wind is coming... South Africa

I have been here nearly a week now and the wind has taken one full day off and a fair few mornings of slumber, but all in all we have been on the water nearly everyday. By 'we' I mean Emma York (Takoon and Alpine Stars) and her boyfriend. Here are a couple of pictures taken by Justin Bufton at Pulse8 images while I was on my 8m Milk Tray Torch 3 in Shark Bay near Langebaan, 100km North of Capetown. Shark Bay is where we are spending our time training for the PKRA this year. It is part of a huge lagoon that is about 30km's long. The lagoon opens into a big bay supposedly called shark bay because it used to be a breeding ground for large sharks such as the fearsome great whites, but now pretty much the only sharks you'll find are sand sharks that camouflage themselves waiting patiently for something or someone to cross their paths. At this point they leap out from their hiding place and eat it or you hole! After catching some of these sharks with our bare hands we have an understanding and it is now safe for us to kite, but for you be ware they might tuck into you ;-)

This morning there is no wind. Just checked the forecast though and the south easters are back from friday! yeayyyyyyyyyyy

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