Thursday, December 21, 2006

All good things come to an end

Well like all good things the majority of them come to an end and my time in Brazil was no exception to this rule. I am still not landing front mobes, kgb's or down loop 3's in fact even back loop transitions are a problem ;-) but I'll keep on plodding and I'll get there in the end... hopefully :-) However training was good and I picked up some great tips on the way from other PKRA riders and a random nice guy taking time out recovering from a broken rib.

The last week of the trip was by far the most fun and jam packed. My mum arrived without any problems and straight away I threw her in the deep end. I took her to the nearby lagoon Cauipe, hired her a buggy so she could follow us on downwinders to paracuru or trips to a further away lagoon called Taiba. We went rallying in the dunes dropping down vertical slopes or slashing the tops like wave sections. We went sandboarding and full speed crashing into water, clubbing in Fortaleza and hussling for good prices in local markets. Sleeping was definately over rated and we saved that for the flight back... or at least I did. I was literally beemed from Fortaleza to my house in Plymouth - certainly the best way to travel.

The highlight of the trip was hanging out with certain people including Steve, Steve, Frank and Neils from Holland, John and Charlie from the UK another John, Rich, Jamie and Aimee also from the UK and Pat, Kiki and Aurelie from France. Miss you guys sooooooooo much and I have only been home a day.

Hope to see you all again somewhere but before that Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you.

For now I am home for 3 weeks before heading to South Africa to continue my training ready for the PKRA 2007


100%ITA said...

Combuco is a very nice place where have kite
I really hope to be able to come back next year in December.

Last saturday I see you on SKYTV in a reportage for the PKRA 2006 in Tarifa if I well remember!

Jo Wilson said...

ha, really? i heard someone else say that about belgium as well. good to hear that there is more tv coverage going on! I leave for South africa on tuesday to train for the season. Its good here, but looking forward to some warmer temps