Sunday, November 05, 2006

Home sweet home

After being away nearly all year long it was time that I came home to catch up on the boring things that build up over time and more importantly to see my family and friends who I have missed so much this year.

First up there isn't that much of a change from Brazil! It's sunny! But its freezing. This morning there was a white out with frost and as such I was unable to get out of bed until it had a least started to thaw... its a sunday - I'm allowed.
Secondly it's been windy - well sometimes! A 5/3mm wetsuit and the initial ice cream headache bypassed and it's like any other day in Brazil!!???

Ok, well its nice to see my mum and dad, friends and sponsors but its flippin' cold and I have a terrible case of the flu to get over now. Having already cancelled a trip to see my best freind in Brighton I hope to have recovered in a couple of days and so I can re-arrange my visit again. After that I am off to sunnier climes with Naish and some really good friends - so it's back to the training program, but may be a party or two as well!

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